Our Customers

Originally specialising in Automotive Time Critical forwarding services, Gemma Express has rapidly understood the needs of other industries and has expanded its services into many other sectors.

Here at Gemma Express, we’ve been assisting our clients in meeting their complex and urgent international transport needs for over 12 years. If you cannot find your industry sector in the list, then please get in touch with us. We offer a 24/7, 365 days a year service and would be delighted to offer you a tailor made solution.


Gemma Express provides the aviation sector with rapid, reliable and secure transport services to ensure a minimum of asset downtime.

Expertise is provided at every level of the manufacturing supply chain: from the shipping of raw materials, to delivering fragile prototype parts and dedicated aircraft engine movements. Time is also of the essence in aircraft operations. Gemma Express understands the practical constraints to efficient Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) procedures and has the solutions to relieve bottle-necks and avoid delivery delays. Wasted time and cost of Aircraft On Ground (AOG) can be minimised via Gemma Express’s carefully tailored service.

The most cost-effective and reliable multi-modal systems are employed; using shipping techniques that deliver any and all aircraft parts intact and on time. A professional and flexible team is dedicated to organising and monitoring your shipment from start to finish; taking care of all necessary customs documentation, haulage sub-contracting, loading, unloading, ground handling and support.

With offices throughout Europe and utilising a network of strategically located partner companies, shipments are guided from origin to destination – anywhere in the world, by the most economical and effective means possible. The combination of experienced multilingual logistics planners, state-of-the-art technology, and dedicated transport staff ensures that your delivery deadline is met.


Gemma Express is the leading supplier of time-critical transport services to the automotive industry.

The potential for supply chain interruption in the automotive sector is always a threat. The sector features long and complex supply chains, lean manufacturing principles and just-in-time practices. Whether an interruption is caused by natural disaster, industrial action, quality failure, financial instability, sudden demand surge, bad weather or indeed a combination of these issues, it is imperative to have the services of a logistics company that can act fast, be pro-active and supportive.

The specific need to respond to time-critical production requirements is a proven skill for Gemma Express. As well as inbound emergencies, car manufacturers (Original Equipment Manufacturers) choose Gemma Express to protect their brand image by providing aftermarket expedited freight to distributors and direct to dealerships. Although there may not be the same downtime costs of lost production, OEMs realise that customer satisfaction in their brand is of huge value. Gemma Express helps keep OEMs’ promises to their customers by getting the parts to them on time to minimize Vehicle Off-Road times.

Urgency and emergency need not mean unnecessary expense and uncontrolled routings. With a network of strategically located partner companies, Gemma Express guides all shipments from origin to destination, anywhere in the world, by the most economical and effective means possible. Experienced staff employ the most cost-effective options that meet the time constraints and geographical criteria of each shipment.

Gemma Express’s unrivalled service helps prevent downtime across the automotive supply chain. Critical to this is a high level for the goods in transit. Shipments are monitored and tracked with the utmost care, customer communication is maximised and immediate advice on any deviations from the planned routing, including alternatives, is always given.


Gemma Express offers unrivalled service to prevent downtime across the energy sector by guaranteeing critical components not only arrive in the shortest possible time but on schedule, ready to fulfil their role in energy production and distribution.

Gemma Express understands the importance and the rigours of, being involved in this demanding sector, particularly in these days of high energy costs and sharpened environmental awareness. The energy sector, more than any other, area of an economic activity requires rapid, reliable and secure transport of vital supplies in order to ensure minimal asset downtime combined with maximum safety.

Gemma Express encapsulates these core qualities in every aspect of the transport service it offers the energy industry; from oil and gas exploration and production to power plant maintenance and wind farm construction.

With a network of strategically located partner companies, routings are pre-planned and shipments guided from origin to destination, anywhere in the world, by the most economical and effective means possible. The combination of experienced multilingual logistics planners, state-of-the-art technology, and dedicated transport staff ensures that pre-set delivery deadlines are met.

Pharmaceuticals & Medical

Gemma Express excels in the safe transportation of medical devices, sensitive equipment and pharmaceuticals. With expertise in handling urgent and high value shipments serving all areas of the medical sector, means we understand the special demands of this industry.

Gemma Express works in partnership with pharmaceutical manufacturers to provide time critical transport support for product launches of new drugs, as well as for the release of derivative pharmaceuticals by road and air worldwide, ensuring they arrive in perfect clinical condition.

Utilising specialist vehicles and experienced personnel, we share the ethos of treating the movement of high value, sensitive medical equipment and devices, with the same careful dedication, medical professionals treat their patients. Gemma Express realises the critical importance of safe handling from manufacturer through to hospital delivery.

Events and Entertainment

Missing the smallest item can cause delays in production, here at Gemma Express we have extensive experience in the express shipment of goods for the events and entertainment industry, ranging from sporting equipment for international tournaments, through to audio-visual systems for concerts, to props and vintage vehicles for television and film.

Gemma Express prides itself on being able to collect any consignment at short notice anywhere in Europe and further afield. With our flexible and reliable services, Gemma Express is able to service all your international, time sensitive, fragile and complicated freight moves.


Gemma Express can meet the requirements of the technology sector for urgent deliveries, whether it’s vital parts for the telecoms business or raw materials for the IT industry.

Here at Gemma Express we recognise the security and risk elements involved in the movement and logistics of many hi-tech products. Theft of electronics and high-value goods is an increasing risk, leading often to lost revenue, comprised brand integrity and delays in the supply chain. Gemma Express’s specialist vehicles, tracking devices and high end security solutions will give peace of mind when moving your goods.

Clients in diverse markets worldwide including aerospace, automotive, aviation support, energy, marine, pharmaceuticals and printed matter – trust Gemma Express to deliver their goods efficiently, economically and on time.


Gemma Express understands that time critical delivery of spare parts and supplies for ship owners, ship management companies and marine suppliers is essential in any part or port in the world.

Often malfunctioning equipment or loss of supplies can cause costly delays and dangerous situations, Gemma Express offers flexible and tailor made logistical solutions for urgently needed items delivered either to deck or quay side.

With a global network of strategically located partner companies, Gemma Express can collect from virtually any location same day, typically in under two hours. Your shipment will be expedited to its destination by the most economical means possible. The combination of experienced logistics planners, state of the art technology and dedicated transport providers ensures that your delivery deadline is always met.

Print, Publishing & Mail

At Gemma Express we understand the critical deadlines often involved with the distribution of printed matter, and we can provide expedited road and air services to facilitate your essential delivery needs.

By utilising our extensive network of locations and partners, together with industry-leading information technology, Gemma Express has the capability to develop specific solutions that mean your printed matter reaches the required global destination in both time definite and fully presentable way.