Fleet Quality

Our partner fleet is composed of a couple of hundred of tractor units which meet environmental standards of EURO5 and EURO6. All off carrier vehicles are equipped with modern navigation systems (GPS) and GSM mobile phones and can also be fitted with camera surveillance equipment upon request.

The average age of each vehicle is almost 3 years and they are all covered by guarantee and servicing contract with the manufacturer. The condition is permanent as all vehicles are replaced with the new ones after 4 years of usage the maximum. Our partners are keeping investing in the development of the fleet and also of them equip the cars and semitrailers with the devices which increase the safety of cargo transportation.

The maintenance of the fleet perfect condition is of key importance for us both, in order to assure the highest quality of services to our Customers as well as to act in the way which cares about the natural environment.

European Road Freight

This modern fleet ships goods between many western European countries – from Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Belgium, Italy, France, and Austria to Lithuania, Poland and back again. In addition, we transport freight to and from Russia.

The advantages of choosing us for European Road Freight:

  • 24/7-hour service
  • We can provide a total solution, shipping freight from the customer’s factory in every direction by tautliner and temperature-controlled semi-trailers including express vans
  • We have long-term agreements with major European manufacturers and are able to offer competitive rates for the transportation of freight across Europe
  • We offer freight safety guarantees, have long experience of handling high-value freight and put in place high safety requirements
  • We respond promptly to a customer’s requirements and adjust accordingly
  • Our highly-qualified team can communicate effectively in many European languages to help customers resolve any issues that arise and promptly offer the most efficient solutions

Global Freight Forwarding

Complementing our premium freight delivery services, Gemma Express can also arrange worldwide freight forwarding. Our worldwide forwarding services include overland transport of full loads, scheduled air cargo, deep-sea freight (FCL or LCL), movement of special project cargo, packing and transport of dangerous goods and customs clearance services.

We transport a diverse range of urgent freight including manufacturing components, spare parts, raw materials, samples, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals. Gemma Express is also experienced in handling unusual cargo – whether oversized, heavy, delicate, hazardous or perishable. Where necessary, we can also provide specially trained or certified staff to ensure that the movement of your urgent freight meets all required legislative and safety standards.


Curtain Side Trailers

If your shipment has advanced loading requirements a curtain side trailer is your choice. Beside standard back loading curtain side trailers offer convenience of rapid loading and unloading whether from the side or from the top with the help of a crane, saving considerable time for our customers.

Because in the transport sector, time is a competitive advantage. Our dispatch team is happy to advise you on choosing the right vehicles for your goods.

Technical Data:

  • L 13,40m; H 2,60m; B 2,46m
  • Load volume approximately 85m³
  • Payload 22,5t
  • Pallets (EU) 33

Mega Trailers

We offer Mega Trailers for the shipment of extra bulky goods as well as for large-volume shipments. Thanks to the ability to raise the roof by 30 cm if required, mega trailers can provide a loading height of more than 3 metres.

Technical Data:

  • L 13,60m; H 3,00m; B 2,50m
  • Load volume approximately 102m³
  • Payload 25t
  • Pallets (EU) 34

Refrigerated Trailers

Using our modern refrigerated trailers, we offer a professional transportation service for temperature-sensitive goods such as fruit, vegetables, flowers, dairy products, pharmaceutics and other shipments.

Temperature-controlled vehicles offer a high level of security and are adjustable to special temperature and hygiene product requirements.

Generally, the trucks are equipped for continuous tracking and communication, further with temperature recorders and security clamps, as well as video monitoring on request. That allows us to meet the requirements of customers in a wide range of industries.

Technical Data:

  • L 13,40m; H 2,60m; B 2,46m
  • Load volume approximately 85m³
  • Payload 22,5t
  • Pallets (EU) 33